Travel and exploration have always been integral to my life and growing up in Venezuela, I was fortunate to be inspired by the natural beauty of my birth country. My education began with a career in journalism as a creative writer in advertising, however, I soon realised, this was not the path for me and that my destiny was in travel!

This pushed me to take my first step the travel industry, alongside my sister. We set up a specialised travel agency creating dream honeymoon destinations within Venezuela and Caribbean.  We enjoyed a fabulous couple of years and designed memorable honeymoons for our clients, which was truly rewarding.  Sadly, there was already political instability in Venezuela in the mid-nineties, which meant progressing in our business pursuit was no longer an option.  I took a deep leap-of-faith and left my beloved homeland to travel and work in London knowing that this wonderful city would open to me new adventures.

My first role in London was working for one of the biggest, busiest tour operators.  This positively impacted on me but I knew my entrepreneurial spirit demanded an environment in which it could grow and flourish. I found my home in a bespoke smaller tour operator that allowed my individuality and creativity to positively contribute to its growth and success.  I stayed there for 16 wonderful and memorable years which gave me a versatile tool kit of industry skills and amazing contacts throughout the world.

All good things come to an end and I left in 2015. I wanted to use a mix of other passions I had long harboured to create a new business that would fully encapsulate my love of travel, photography and writing, hence in October 2015, NLDB was born.

As an independent consultant, I will provide to you my in-depth knowledge of all corners of Europe, an extensive network of contacts and my experienced contracting that will secure for you the most competitive deals. As a travel organizer, I will take pride and pleasure in creating distinctive and memorable tours to fit any special theme or interest your clients are seeking.

Finally, I would be promoting European towns and regions not normally on the traditional travel radar. I will take you on a travelogue journey of the mind and imagination, check out NDLB blog where I shall be posting amazing photography and write-ups on these many hidden gems of Europe for you to visit, discover and inspire you.

No destination left behind in Europe. That is my mission!